A: VSLIM is currently the No.1 Most Effective Slimming Formula in Malaysia. Over 8,000 Malaysians have tried and experienced the guaranteed results, over 15,000 worldwide. WOOHSLIM offers a guarantee of up to 4-8kg loss in the first 10-20days course. No crash diet and no heavy exercises involved. It is the safest and most effective weight loss program.

A: Average customers lost 2kg within first 3 days, 4kg within first 10days, 5-8kg within first 15-20days. Cost and time varies as our body conditions are different. A detailed body fat analysis by a weight management expert will determine a suitable weight management program based on your weight problem. Daily close monitoring on your weight is also crucial in assisting our customer to loose weight in the most effective manner.

A: Not necessary. You can still regain your dream body shape with consistent follow through of 2-3 courses, discipline and willpower to keep yourself in shape. Our WOOHSLIM Professional Advisors is here to help mothers get back to their pre-pregnancy figure.

A: Yes, it is safe and recommended for mothers to undergo slimming treatment after 2 months. As long as the mother is no longer breastfeeding the infant.

A: Our weight experts are more than happy to introduce a best suited course/formula to achieve your goals. click here to contact our Slimming Experts.

A: We will advise you on a suggested food intake and healthy ways of eating. Eating healthy plays important role for maintaining a slim and healthy body. And you do not have to skip any meals.

A: There could be several reasons to as why your body is changing. Get help or a full body fat analysis from a weight management expert to identify the causes and a customized solution.

A: Most agree that the biggest problem area is the tummy. For those who are seated most of the time, fat cells around the tummy area expand faster than other areas. If problems are ignored, you may notice weight gain at other parts like hips and arms.

A: There could be several factors to why you are facing weight issues, from poor metabolic rate, blocked lymphatic system, hormonal imbalance to even wrong diet. To determine the root cause, seek help from our weight management experts.

A: Our medication are comfortable, no increase in heartbeat, no insomnia, easy and convenient to be consumed. Most importantly, it is made of natural ingredients that do not pose any side effects. However, if you have other concerns, do seek for your respective consultant’s advice prior to our slimming sessions.

A: click here to contact our Slimming Experts.


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