PRODUCT OF SWITZERLAND, successfully formulated in Year 2014 with the investment of 2 Million Euros, via a series of extensive Research & Development works by a group of professional nutritionists and scientists. It is now regarded as “The Most Wanted” slimming formula for the new generation.

It only requires a short-tem consumption and can easily witness the weight loss effect within the first few days. It’s effective, easy to consume, and guarantee no negative impact to human body.

WOOHSLIM adopted Switzerland’s Plant Extraction Technology, combining all A- Grade imported ingredients into 1 single capsule, no side effect like dizziness, heart burnt, etc. and is able to discharge all body toxics speedily and thoroughly. WOOHSLIM promises customer a significant of kg(s) lost even within the first 3 days of consumption, and fully committed to the “Money Back Guarantee” Policy, customer can now losing weight with peace of mind.

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Using a natural blend of 100% all natural mineral and plant extracts,
WOOHSLIM’s range of products are safe and suitable for all.






product-woohslimWOOHSLIM (v1.2)

Exclusive Green Tea extracts combined with more than 10 types of High Grade Chinese herbs, effectively control one’s appetite, triple your body metabolism and double up the fats burning process. No rebound in results after stop consumption!











Contain bitter gourd and barley essence. Which ease in breaking down body extra water retention faster and effectively, allow you regain your S-Body Shape faster, Taking this formula together with Woohslim will apeed up the fats burning effect. Consume only 2 capsules a week.

Special formula which cater for customers who have consumed 20-50 types of slimming products before. Customers who have taken Thai’s Super Slimming pills before, this formula proven to be effective for them to further reduce their wight.

Constipation is always a common situation during diet period. Constipation not only will result in your weight can’t go down further, it will also affect the absorption of our slimming pills. Majority of the Fiber available in the market contain high level of sugar, not suitable to be cansumed together with Woohslim. WOOHSHAPE is an exclusive invention under Woohslim series which focuses on Perfect Slim Tummy. It contains the essence of Pitaya, Fig and more than 6 types of Chinese herbs, increase the fats burning and detox process.

Super strong de-immune formula for customers who have taken more than 5 types of sliming products and who have stop consumption in less than 6 months.



Body Revitalize Program

Benefits & Results:

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Helps constipation
  • Reduces water retention
  • Improve irregular menstruation and pain
  • Slim Tummy Effect


Chromo Detox

Benefits & Results:

  • Clears tissue and drains toxins
  • Blocks phosphodiesterase (body-sculpting factor)
  • Regenerates the tissue and blood vessels
  • Helps restore mineral leve



Benefits & Results:

  • Facilitating lymph and blood circulation
  • Improving metabolism
  • Body remodelling
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Burn surplus fat

After – sales service manual

Thanks for consuming Woohslim and putting your trust in us, Kindly read thru the following pointers for more advices.

1. Kindly notify your Woohslim agent once you have received your products. We need to follow up on the delivery of yours parcel for you should you didn’t receive it within 1 week after your parcel had been posted out.

2. Before consuming Woohslim, kindly keep track on your current weight from there we can monitor closely the effect of Woohslim on you afetr your day-to-day consumption, and how it could work even better for you.

3. After consuming Woohslim for the 1st 2 days, kindly contact and feedback to your respective agent, so we can active you further on how to consume to achieve the best results. As every agent have got too many clients at a time. It’s almost impossible for them to contact you and follow up with you if you didn’t contact them 1st. Your understanding in this is very much appreciated.

4. During the consumption on Woohslim, avoid Oily foods, acidic drinks (vinegar, apple, cider, etc), alcoholic drinks, sweetering drinks/foods (ice-cream, watermelon juice, coconut drink, durian, milo, nestum, oat). Eat more veges and take on light diet, if you are currently consuming other supplement or fiber, kindly stop while, you are taking Woohslim.

5. Money Back Guarantee Policy
If you see no results within  the 1st 3 days of consumption, kindly return the balance to us and we will guarantee the refund for you. If you don’t feel comfortsble with this terms, please do not commit to any purchase.

6. Body weight has the tendency to bounce back a little bit during period (depends on individual), so need not to be too worry about it.

Note: Consuming alcoholic drinks or supper during Woohslim treatment, will regain in body weight, should you are having the same appetite as usual instead of eating less, kindly comsult your agent immediately for more advice.